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Our doctors are dedicated to excellent care for our patients, from children to the elderly

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Vision Problems? Eyes Bothering You?




Dr. Shari L. Harrison is committed to delivering the best possible eye care services throughout the local area.


Dr. Harrison uses up-to-date technology, and the latest techniques accurately diagnose conditions and recommend prescription lenses, to those who need it.

Our comprehensive eye care is offered to any of all ages, including toddlers and the elderly. We provide eye care services such as:

  • Eye exams

  • Frame fitting

  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses

  • Safety glasses

Our comprehensive eye exams help our optometrists diagnose any eye conditions. They will be able to assess your vision and offer solutions, such as corrective lenses, to help improve the way you see the world around you.

If you need corrective lenses, we can help you! We have fashion eye wear and frames stocked at our location. We will fit any frames to your face to get you the perfect fit

your need.

At Kulback Eye Care, we accept most major insurance plans.


Contact us today to find out if your vision insurance provider covers our services.


Most Vision insurance accepted